Reverse Osmosis vs. Bottled Water

Reverse osmosis is water purification technology which can remove molecules and ions from solutions. It takes place in a 3 step process to produce clean and drinkable water: a sediment filter, a membrane and a carbon filter. This process removes any deposits in the water that may be either unsafe or damaging in usable water. It is an efficient process used by military units to gain accessible water when poor quality is present.

Often times, the water we drink daily contains harmful particles which could easily be removed through this reverse osmosis process. Get pure, clean drinking water today!

Benefits of Soft Water for Appliances and Pipes

Corrosion is a serious issue in homes and a majority of those problems can be easily prevented and resolved by the simple use of Kinetico Water Systems. Anything which comes in consistent contact with water (i.e. water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers etc.) could be subject to serious damages with hard water exposure.

Not only will soft water virtually eliminate corrosion issues, but it will also SLASH all of your soap prices by 75%! Less soap is necessary in hand washing, dishwasher, washing machines and shower soaps. It is leads to efficiency throughout the home!

No Maintenance For The Customer

Today, our lives are busy. We fill our days with family, jobs, career advancement and don’t have time for cumbersome maintenance projects. Conveniently, the Kinetico Water Systems require no settings by the customer or daily filter changings. Within 2-3 short years, a Kinetico Water System will have already paid for itself in the savings any customer will secure. These savings (wastes, soap savings, maintenance costs, broken equipment replacements, etc) are a fact any of Kinetico representative can display to a customer via computer program - these savings could be yours today!

Aside from direct savings, the extended life of dishwashers, water heaters, valves, faucets, and equipment is vastly increased with soft water systems.


The city of Sioux Falls uses chloramine in their public water, a chemical used as a disinfectant to purify the water. This substance is actually absorbed through the skin through continual contact. It is estimated that a 10-minute shower using hard water with chloramine is the equivalent to drinking 2 gallons of chlorinated water.

The Kinetico Water Systems remove chloramine for clean, safe water at all times.



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